Friday, December 11, 2009

Small Gator Boat Trailers Baby Gator In My Pond?

Baby gator in my pond? - small gator boat trailers

I live in Florida and has a pond behind my house with a baby alligator. He is very cute and small: the size of my arm or smaller. Unfortunately, these crocodiles, alligators and are not beautiful, but dangerous. The only reason I'm afraid that my dog goes into the water to fetch the ball when the game and my 2 Peking ducks and muscovy duck. They come at night because they are related to ducks like. (but still get them) to eat. My ducks are in danger if the alligator is bigger? The alligator came through rainwater. We had a crocodile a few years ago, but dissappeared. I'm afraid to call the crocodile hunter, because it is usually the alligator they believe that this is a threat to kill or large enough to. Will they be able to move the baby alligator? I let it be? Will it disappear? I do not know as a threat. What should I do? Suggestions?

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