Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buying Suits In Tokyo Where Can I Buy A Suit In Tokyo Or Yokohama?

Where can I buy a suit in Tokyo or Yokohama? - buying suits in tokyo

My clothes are getting a little old, and I'm ready to get new ones. Is there somewhere in Tokyo and Yokohama area, where I can dress pants for men and speak good English to buy?


crowdpub said...

I think this will help 40 + Super + Clothing + Store/3063

The store also has artists:

wuzarace... said...

I went to some places in Tokyo, and here's what I found is:

If you get good service at Takashimaya, and we try to help you find what you want. In fact, if we try, can not speak much English. The prices are high, but when you walk you can find something decent for the price of a good air. Another good point is OiOi (Marui) in Shibuya.
If you have something more informal, you can try to Gap and Banana Republic. Even less casual, try, Uni-QLO.
The combination of low prices come with a warning, you end up sarariman looked like any other. Avoid convenience stores and costume, but if you're lucky, there, let me know.

I gave up and waited until my next business trip to the United States. But it will not help.

Mai said...

to move rather than Kyoto and Tokyo, and sell a business called THM Kutahna and then. R Tho is expensive approximately ¥ 4500

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