Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shark Steam Cleaner For Wood Floors What Is The Most Effective Way Of Cleaning Tile And Hardwood Floors?

What is the most effective way of cleaning tile and hardwood floors? - shark steam cleaner for wood floors

Ok. So my mother and I cook a lot. But we have difficulties in cleaning floors. We have almost everything we wanted to have seen. The quickest way, I Jet, the Ultra Steam Shark, the ragged MOP MOP sponge ... everything! The battery life sucks faster. Shark Steam is ridiculous. The plane was torn. Pug others do not work well. None of that, what y'all tried that works well on tile? BTW, we do take a lot of cooking with peppers and other spices, coloring, so we need a little cleaning heavy things. In addition to work, what you all in wood floors? We use cloth mop, but not easily break these things. We go every month. Our entire house except the kitchen is so ..... Harwood Any advice to help you. : D


me said...

Orange Glo use. U can buy at Wal-Mart. works very well. My mother used on wood floors and she really loves. U can can use everything that the wood is. clean the floor very well, glossy leaves, and leaves a pleasant fragrance. its very good!

Good luck! I hope you enjoy and effective!

msm50070 said...

Use what you want into the wood vinegar cleaners for wood floors Minwax, etc.

Tool, a bucket of regular commercial MOP and extractor

Tile use of phosphoric acid in the joints. Thus, the joints become diluted and back to the original. Then seal with a scraper. Check "The Tile Shop", if there is any in your area. Phosphoric acid is a company, MN.

Tiles can be cleaned with phosphoric acid as well, but not as difficult as the mortar, provided you have some ceramic tile or porcelain.

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