Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patty Cake Shower Video Halloween Baby Shower Menu?

Halloween Baby Shower Menu? - patty cake shower video

Here are our Halloween Baby Shower Menu What are y'all think?
Starters --
Boogers on a stick pretzels and lemon pie filling
Devil's Advocate eggs, deviled eggs,
Raisin Snack Mix Trail Mix raisins dead
Main Course --
Witches Stew BREW
killer-grain bread corn bread
Drinks --
Red Punch-vampire
Toxic Punch - Green Kool Aid
Purification of water for tea,
Baby Boo-ghost-cake with a pacifier in his mouth
Bleeding Monster Burger brownies with cherry filling


♥♥♥♥♥ said...

This is seriously the best I've seen a shower menu! Good luck

Maria L said...

I love it! Here are some other ideas if you want more!



joanna s said...

That is so cute the only thing I never heard that the slime on a stick, but very interesting and andventurous

Jason P said...

What? No chocolate?

runnerca... said...

They all have a good sound, except for the snot on a stick ... Yuck.

♥Mommy to 20 month old Jacob♥ said...

Cute. I love these ideas!

Eanda124 said...

Sounds sweet and delicious! Can I come? :)

Demi A said...

Sounds fun. Are you dressing too?

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