Monday, February 22, 2010

Blaze King Stove Why Would You Recommend Or Not Recommend Blaze By Stephen King?

Why would you recommend or not recommend Blaze by Stephen King? - blaze king stove

I still have a persuasive speech for or against the book

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lugubrio... said...

Many people love horror and / or blood, and do not read Stephen King, on the basis of his earlier novels. "Blaze" is not a horror story. It is a character driven story as "Rita Hayworth and the convicted" or "The Green Mile". Character development Clayton Blaisdell, who was also known as Blaze one of the best I have read. I identify more with him (a kidnapper!) As any other character I can remember the last time. A cross between "Raising Arizona" and "Of Mice and Men" if you can imagine.

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