Thursday, February 18, 2010

Genital Warts Will I Die How Does Sperm Die? If A Person Has Genital Warts, Would The Dead Sperm Still Infect People?

How does sperm die? If a person has Genital Warts, would the dead sperm still infect people? - genital warts will i die

Sperm can in hot, warm or cold? or dies as soon as it reaches the air? But what if it falls into the water (bath) and shower with hot and cold water. If there are traces of sperm in the tub with cold water was hot or cold or wet, is extended or is already dead? If he is dead, transmit genital warts if you touch the sperm wet hands? or if your life be too wet, it would pass genital warts if you touch it with your hands? I ask many questions deep. Please send your comments.


Tony said...

No..stop worrying about it

Deb C said...

Genital warts are spread by seeds. They are transmitted by touching warts themselves.

borntoli... said...

The semen and genital warts have nothing to do with each other. Keep in mind is that the best way to remain free of the disease to abstinence until in a relationship with a sig monogomous own or always use a condom. I only know that condoms are not always reliable. They have small holes that can not see. But from the standpoint of the sperm, like shooting a BB through a tire would be!

ra ra said...

Sperm dies ok dude, but can not die just by touching the air or water or something else. just grow old and die within 24 hours or a little water can not kill. and sperm do not infect their actions no physical contact from one person to another.

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