Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crack Pour Office 2003 Activation So Thers This Guy( Give Advice Please)?

So thers This Guy( give advice please)? - crack pour office 2003 activation

Ok so I like this guy Hayden (the 14 and in Grade 8, MI 13 and 7) is, I think atleast a little like me, because 1) once when I was not done in class, and when he saw me in the room (although he went with a friend of the guy) turned around and asked me where I was. 2) If I was in the school office and wine is all wet (because it is pouring rain in Florida, not your painting, what I know!) And he asked what the office, and he flirted a little nervous manner. 3) (which travel in a bus), sometimes when I look back I see you looking at me. 4) Once, when I had very little chance on the bus and my friend Alex and I looked back and laughed, Hayden, and I know that was what I said because it's' There are few people left on the bus and nobody said, oh! And when I looked again, he smiled. OK, that was too much to write and read, I think I've got my number .. Oh yes, I can not love me? or simply be a man?


JACOB D said...

He loves you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuck said...

yes ... not really Kiddo

DP24 said...

He loves you.

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