Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stop Alcohol Getting Pregnant: Clarification Of When To Stop Alcohol And Travel Altogether?

Getting pregnant: Clarification of when to stop alcohol and travel altogether? - stop alcohol

Hello. I just want to be clear on something. I do not smoke and I'm not an alcoholic, but all of 2 days or I have a glass of wine or 2 if I am a restaurant. If the alcohol must be stopped completely? ) And Travel (by car and airplane. I've heard that someone is pregnant for the first 3 months is of vital importance for all types of travel and alcohol consumption. When you begin to 3 months? Does it matter, when ovulation (can) in the design and then wait until the mystery in this case, it seems that you take advantage of 2 weeks before ovulation, all the time! Or did he start as soon as you know, is a test that proves pregnant? Did I hear two theories, I would like a confirmation. Thank you!

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