Monday, January 25, 2010

Herpes And Dry Eye Herpes Of The Eye For 5+ Years Untreated?

Herpes of the eye for 5+ years untreated? - herpes and dry eye

I thought it was just dry eyes, but now I feel the symptoms that I have herpes of the eye, but I have not tried in years when it began when I started using eye drops, which did not help, I need a cloth soaked in hot water with gasoline, and it did no good. What are the risks of dealing with this for a long time?

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Jxdy11 said...

One of the most serious complications of infection with herpes herpes encephalitis (brain inflammation), and an eye infection, blindness is a serious problem, especially given the time it actually happened. It is very dangerous for you from this treatment, it is in fact herpes. There is always the possibility that you do something else. I do not recommend free treatment for such things. What they do might be worse if you try something wrong. Please go see a doctor immediately or go to hospital for treatment before it is even worse. Good luck.

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