Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nexcare Belt Are Nexcare Pregnancy Support Belts Available On The NHS?

Are nexcare pregnancy support belts available on the NHS? - nexcare belt

I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with twins, and I suffer from back pain and abdomen, especially when walking my daughter to school. I appreciate the support belts are available and the rules go on around me - the cost of the belt Nexcare support in the region of £ 30 which is a lot of money .... I asked my midwife if it was possible to get a prescription, but they did not know. Can anyone help? "

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Not A Supermum! said...

I asked my doctor and he said no. But honestly, when I bought it, it was not all that helps. Perhaps you could try a wanted on your local Freecycle site, or buy a used one on eBay?
If you ask your doctor, you can learn according to physiotherapy. You only need about 4 sessions on the NHS to get, but can help. My friend swore by his chiropractor, but had to pay to private.
Good luck.

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