Saturday, November 7, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Transcript Text What Happens In The End Of Drag Me To Hell?

What happens in the end of drag me to hell? - drag me to hell transcript text

If someone was dragged down to hell, can you please tell me what happens at the end? Unfortunately, my cousin, and had little fat lost by the end of the film can skip it. I watched until the part where the heroine, the damn sticks down the old gypsy woman's body in his grave lol what happens next?

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groberts... said...

If this is not the key in the envelope. It was the old coins, which he used in the film. And she is happy and arrogant is that one and buy a new coat before it on the station. (Oh, and until the ring has a look intended ....) Now, after he gets there, he asked what happened to his old coat, and she said she refused. And he says it's a shame because he's a button missing from an envelope found in the car has. To delete it and gets scared and starts to back up and fell by the wayside. Following a train on its way out of hand and can not reach him, and before the train can clap my hands from the earth and pull in many and saw flames licking the cries for help and his face was burning, as it is pulled downward. Cutting back then and cry, it's on the button and ends.

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