Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Furnace Armstrong Ultra 90 How To Wire An AC Wire Into Armstrong Sx 80 Furnace.?

How to wire an AC wire into Armstrong sx 80 furnace.? - furnace armstrong ultra 90

We have four a CA to an existing SX 80's and have trouble wiring new thermostat in the furnace and the condenser in the oven. Someone knows how to get a wiring diagram? Thanks

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DAN THE AC MAN said...

Oven has 5 terminals, low voltage, R, S, G, B, C. .. You need to R, S, V and W in the furnace connects to the R, S, V and W on the thermostat ... You need at least 4 between TSTAT TSTAT wire and four out ... normally connect the red wire to the terminals R TSTAT and oven, green wire to terminal G, the yellow wire to the terminals Y and the white wire to W terminal in touch .. If your son TSTAT not the exact colors that do nothing to ensure only that the son of TSTAT to R, S, V and W are connected, R, S, G, B and Related oven, respectively .. . If your TSTAT is programmable and requires a "common" wire service, then you need a wire between 5 Implementation TSTAT TSTAT and four ... Session cable, regardless of their color, you need to connect to the Terminal C in the oven for the common terminal on the wire TSTAT, usually co-management TSTAT label C, but not always .... . If the outdoor unit goes .. must have at least 2 for Driving Son TSTAT terminals Y and C Y and C in the furnace or the installation of sonINALSA outdoor unit is not normally Volt 24 polarity important in the outdoor unit, in other words, while the 2 external cables that connect to terminals is connected in Y and C in the oven in the tension [down] 2 cable and terminals, the work, unless it be a son and external connections, clearly identified as "common". In this case, make sure you are TSTAT Cable Cable / Terminal C is connected back into the oven ... .. even in the oven, it is connected a cable [red] R. ... 2 cables connected to Y. [And it is TSTAT, goes the other on the outdoor unit] ... Cable [green] G. cable is connected, linked, a white [] W. .... and [cable joint, usually associated blue] to C, unless TSTAT need a thread, then there are 2 cables will be connected to C in the oven ....... I hope it ....... clear enough to

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