Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Insomnia More Condition_symptoms Is It True That Aquarians Are More Prone To Insomnia?

Is it true that aquarians are more prone to insomnia? - insomnia more condition_symptoms

I am not an aquarium and I sleep until 4 hours after the announcement of 10 I spend my nights thinking about things and sometimes not sleeping at night at all ..


Tiacola Version 9.0 said...

Before going to a medication for insomnia often stay up to 6 and 7 clock in the morning and I'm Aquarius. This is the reason for my lack of sleep. I can not keep them closed at night and my brain to all types of racing thoughts in my head. No matter how hard I tried to use my brain just would not calm.

Mayhem said...

Hmm .. It is interesting. I have insomnia, but I was always the last to fall asleep, where I am. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, but I'm afraid, does not help that. My friend fell asleep within 5 minutes in bed and watch TV and just drag and rotate for 15 minutes or more. I noticed that I sleep better since I lived with my boyfriend for 2 years. When I was alone in my bed when my mind wanders and holds me. It is also an aquarium, and he said his life has been sleeping a lot of problems, and was always the last person alive, where he was. It seems, however, it has shown.

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